With California Natural® Grain Free, You Can Rotate with Confidence

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If you like the idea of feeding your pet variety, California Natural Grain Free is the right choice. By rotating our grain free, limited ingredient formulas, you can provide your dog a range of protein sources, each with a unique profile of naturally occurring amino acids. The California Natural Grain Free family of products is designed with carefully selected ingredients and consistent fat levels to help ease sensitivities associated with diet transitions.

What is Rotational Feeding?
Rotational feeding is a nutritional philosophy based on the belief that regular changes in your dog's proteins can contribute to overall health. Rotational feeding can mean alternating your dog's proteins such as salmon, lamb or chicken or forms such as kibble, canned or raw.

Many pet owners believe rotational feeding provides the following benefits:

  1. More protein variety helps minimize diet pickiness and boredom
  2. Reduced food sensitivity/intolerance development
  3. Diverse intake of naturally occurring minerals and amino acids

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Why Rotate with California Natural?
Founded on the idea that less is more, our formulas feature a core ingredient base so you can transition your dog’s formulas with ease.

To help ease sensitivities associated with diet transitions, all of our grain free formulas feature:

  • A limited number of carefully selected ingredients
  • Consistent fat levels (12–18%)
  • Novel, high-quality protein like kangaroo and venison
  • Unique protein and carbohydrate combinations that aren’t commonly found in other diets
  • Grain free to reduce the risk of sensitivities

For those who prefer a rotational feeding program, California Natural Grain Free is the Pure & Simple™ choice. Learn more about our line of grain free formulas.