Nutrition in Every Color: Innova® Pet Food Now Has More Whole, More Fresh Ingredients

Natural pet food brand now uses 100% whole grains, greater variety of fruits and vegetables

Fremont, Nebraska, September 10, 2012 – Natura Pet Products has announced that all dry and treat formulas within its flagship Innova brand have been upgraded to contain more whole and more fresh ingredients, providing a broad range of natural nutrition in all the colors of the rainbow.

The improved formulas, which reflect cutting-edge pet nutrition research, now include more poultry and fish*, 100% whole grains, and a greater variety of fruits and vegetables, including pears, blueberries, green beans and parsnips. White rice and potatoes have been removed, allowing the new formulas to offer more antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins through its whole grains.

The upgrades to Innova formulas were made possible by recent advancements to Natura’s own Fremont Innovation Center. Like all Natura’s dry formulas, Innova is produced exclusively in its own Fremont, Nebraska plant.

“It’s our responsibility to provide nutritional innovation in support of dogs and cats,” said Kari Liu, a senior nutritionist at Natura. “We’re proud to announce these new upgrades to Innova, which reflect our investment in nutritional research and technology to bring that nutrition to pet parents in the form of healthy food.” Key enhancements to the reformulated Innova products include:

  • More poultry and fish*
  • The addition of more farm-fresh ingredients, including a greater variety of fruits and vegetables such as pears, blueberries, green beans and parsnips
  • The removal of potatoes and white rice in favor of 100% whole grains, including brown rice and oats
  • Updated nutritional approaches to senior formulas, including increased fat guarantees and protein levels, and increased palatability to counter a reduced sense of smell and taste in aging pets
  • Enriched and renamed “Weight Management” formulas (formerly “Low Fat” formulas) designed to allow pet parents to feed less for weight loss without sacrificing nutrient levels
  • Impressive palatability performance, with significant improvements for Adult Dog, Senior and Senior Plus formulas
  • A clean, modern packaging redesign that places Innova’s high-quality ingredients front and center

*Applies to Adult Dog, Senior Dog, Senior Plus Dog, Weight Management Dog, Large Breed Puppy, Large Breed Senior Dog, Cat, Kitten, and Weight Management Cat diets

Natura’s new website enables Innova fans to take a closer look at the new formulas with a full ingredient list and sourcing locations for every ingredient.

The new Innova formulas hit shelves in early August. For more information or to find local retailers who carry Innova, consumers can visit

About Innova

Founded on the philosophy that whole, natural and fresh ingredients are better for pets, Innova originated from a deep commitment to improve the lives of pets through superior nutrition. As a leader in holistic pet products, Innova dog and cat foods and treats are made with natural ingredients, including high-quality proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots for optimal health at every life stage.

About Natura Pet Products

Natura Pet Products is recognized as a trusted name behind natural and holistic pet foods and treats. Founded more than 20 years ago by John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins, Natura is dedicated to providing the best natural nutrition. Natura is committed to making premium pet foods and treats based on nutritional science and high-quality ingredients, combined with trusted manufacturing processes, for complete pet health. Lines include: Innova®, California Natural®, EVO®, HealthWise®, Mother Nature® and Karma®. To learn more about Natura Pet Products or for in-depth pet nutrition information, please call (800) 532-7261 or visit

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