Wheat is a grass that is cultivated worldwide. Globally, it is the most important human food grain and ranks second in total production behind corn.

Wheat Flour

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Wheat Grass Powder

An excellent source of dark green leafy vegetable nutrients. The grass is harvested when it reaches it's highest nutrient level and contains important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

White Rice

White rice is the de-hulled rice kernel, without the bran.


Whitefish is any of several deepwater fishes of the family Coregonidae. We use the clean tissue of undecomposed whole whitefish and/or whitefish cuttings. There is currently no official AAFCO definition for whitefish.

Whole Eggs

Whole eggs are the whole of the reproductive body produced by hens, with the shell removed.

Whole Grain Wheat

Whole grain wheat consists of the entire wheat kernel.

Whole Oats

Whole oats consist of the entire oat grain without processing.

Whole Pasteurized Milk

Whole pasteurized milk is fresh, dairy milk for human consumption.

Whole Raw Apples

Whole raw apples are the edible fruit of the apple tree, part of the rose family.

Whole Raw Carrots

Whole raw carrots are the root of the carrot plant, a member of the parsley family.