Our Pet Nutrition Philosophy

Pet food made with a limited number of ingredients can help pets with a range of nutritional needs, supporting healthy skin, coat and digestion. California Natural is committed to using the fewest ingredients possible to delivery superior nutrition. Since 1998, California Natural’s nutritional philosophy has been rooted in quality: 

  • High-Quality Dog Food Ingredients 

California Natural uses only high-quality, natural ingredients to create foods that are denser and richer in essential nutrients. This means pets get more nutrition from less food, with calories and fats in each formula balanced to fit their specific needs.

  • Whole Pet Food Ingredients That Are Nutrient–Rich 

Mother Nature made the grain in its whole state. As such, it includes nutritious protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Other pet food companies use fractionated grains, which do not include this balance of natural nutrition.

  • Highly Controlled Cooking Methods and Quality Checks to Preserve Natural Levels of Nutrients 

California Natural products are subjected to well over 100 defined quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. These structured and rigorous checks ensure the highest quality and safest pet food on the market. Multiple tests must be passed and specifications must be met for all raw materials and at many key control points during the manufacturing process before any food, treat or supplement makes it out of the manufacturing facility and on to retailers’ shelves.

  • Pet Food Ingredients That Provide the Optimum Nutritional Profile for Skin and Coat 

Getting a good skin and coat is no big secret. It’s just very expensive to do. You have to use more meat, higher quality sources of fats and oils, and high levels of vitamins and other nutrients. California Natural has a large investment in quality - we’ve made the commitment. Other dog food companies try to take shortcuts by using vegetable protein fillers and cheaper sources of fats.

  • Extensive Testing and Monitoring to Assure Optimal Health and Longevity of Pets 

California Natural will stay on the leading edge of pet health care. As new information is developed, California Natural will adjust formulas to ensure that our diets continue to be among the healthiest in the world!